“Getting to know you…”

I am a Music Therapist Accredited, living in Guelph, ON and sibling of a regular blogger on Wordsmith. I must be too old fashioned or perhaps I worked for too long in another country, as I get very upset about the abuse of the English language. Sorry folks, but my teachers and mother (the ultimate tutor) insisted that I use no dangling participles. In other words, no sentence should end with a preposition. I talk about “the people with whom I work”; not, “the people I work with”. Oh, you should have seen the looks I got in the Houston area writing and talking in this manner! The same goes for my rejection of run-on sentences and comma splices.

As you can see this is my way of getting to know this site and how it is used. Eventually, I will learn the ins and outs; however, that will be in the proper English grammar with which I was inculcated and using which I thrived. It is interesting the applications for professional credentials that I send back because they have do not know how to write in proper English and that the submissions have not been proofread. If the appicant wants a professional credential, they had better learn how to write professionally.

Okay, I am now off my soapbox.  I hope everyone has a great day; a great night.



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