More news from Ghana 170712

I started to give you info of my family in Ghana in the desciption of this category. Now I will continue.

Right now Mustapha, the eldest and I are working out the details for his attending university in Canada starting September, 2012. At Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Mustapha is now registered into a double degree Business Administration and Computer/Computer Science programme, has already been granted one small entrance scholarship and has been told he is already a part of the co-op programme. That is not usually allowed until into the second year.
Yes, I am very proud of this young man. He finished high school with a 96.7 per cent. In Accra, the capital from July to December, 2011 while studying Business Administration, Accounting, then Computer technology; first at Gates Management Institute and later at the National Institute for Information Technology (NIIT), he had a 3.85 GPA out of 4.0.
His sister, Ayishatu, turning seventeen this year miraculously recovered from Ebola Hemorrhaging Virus and Yellow Fever in May, 2012 and is now home again with her brother and their younger cousin, Aminu, a fourteen year old boy.

I will do my best to keep you updated on further progress.


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