Situations keep changing

Well today Mustaph arrived. He is now back at the Wisconsin International University College (WIUC) in Accra, the capital of Ghana. That bus trip is about 650 KM and takes over eight hours. After a rest this morning he then went to WIUC to see his academic counsellor, Dr. Patrick.

In addition to his 50 per cent scholarship in the double degree programme for Masters of Business Administration as well as Computer/Computer Science, Mustapha has been offered a position as assistant to the university Vice Chancellor as well as now teaching some courses. I have not yet received his average for the past term; however, it looks like it was better than the 97.5% he received in first term.

In this term Mustapha will be studying Programming, Financial Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Microeconomics, Computer Architecture and Organisation, Database, System Analysis and Design. That should keep him busy for a while.

At present his sister Ayisha and brother Aminu are in the midst of a three week break between terms; looking to return to school in mid-September and yes, both still at the top of their respective classes.

Do I sound proud at all of the positive use these orphans are making from the help I have been able to give them?



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